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"Come on El Reg. It's not that hard really. I'm sure some of your readers would do the work for free!"

It has already been offered multiple times and the lack of SSL/TLS hereabouts is a long running joke given the nature of the occasional snarky sideswipe at other websites.

I can spin up a HA Proxy in 20 minutes from scratch in a VM (includes OS install) with an A+ at Qualys. Config: 5 mins. Fiddling the cert + CAs + DH params into one file: 5-20 mins. Finding the typo in the config 5-100 mins.

Anyway, el Reg use someone to do their security (can't remember the name but you'll sometimes have to enter a captcha when commenting) and I suspect the SSL tick box has a large number with a euro/dollar/peso symbol near it ...

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