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Source of IMS data

Glossed over is where, IMS get the data from. They don't just turn up at your Doctor's door with a wodge of cash and say "can I have a look at your patients records"

IMS sell the tools that pharmacies and surgeries want to use to organise the prescribing and dispensing of medicines. This gives them access to the prescribing and dispensing data straight off.

The pharmaceutical companies then pay IMS for beautifully processed and presented digests (eg product and presentation prescribed against what is actually dispensed by region over time) of the prescribing/dispensing data so they can see how/where their products are being used compared to their competitors.

That said, the ordinary person can go to the Health and Social Care Information Centre and see what GPs are prescribing -though not who to and what the pharmacist actually gives them. ( . You'll need to parse the data yourself but its there for the viewing.

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