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Well that and those occasions where Intel actually paid people to buy its chips over AMDs. I've never fully understood why AMD settled the way it did but I suppose they just couldn't afford the massive legal battle it would have taken to get more.

AMD are making some gains, though. HP are now putting their new chips in professional grade laptops. That's a real achievement because AMD have always suffered through their chips only being available in low-end products. There are plenty of people who have said they would buy an AMD laptop if it didn't also mean a crappy screen / case / keyboard. Both AMD and Intel processors have entered "good enough" territory some time ago. Now that you can actually get AMD chips in a decent device, we'll see how that plays out for them. Zen is also taped out and getting ready for production. Not saying the remaining stages are easy or risk-free, but it is nearly the final strait and barring disaster, Zen is now finalized and moving steadily towards us. Graphics cards were also hit by the failure to reduce node size - which was a foundry problem, not AMDs. It affected AMD and NVIDIA both, but the latter had more money to handle the loss. The current Radeons are not what was intended originally. Now that such issues are resolved, the next generation of cards, with HBM and an architecture that properly takes advantage of that, as well as HSA becoming relevant, mean AMD could really turn things around in a very impressive fashion.

IF they can hold on long-enough. I see it as a waiting game. If AMD can cling on, they're turning in the right direction. They just need to survive long enough for all their work to start bringing in the rewards. Don't know if they will but much of what I've seen indicates to me that if they can, they can rise again.

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