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graeme leggett

Yes, I know the strict limits on Athenian citizenship, with a fair idea of how the foreigners (metics) contributed, how magistrates and other public roles were selected by lot. The meaning of eponymous archon. Deme, trittys, tribe. On a good day I can spell Aeropagus - the hill where the court of appeal met - properly.

But one part to political power in Athens was knowing how to work the crowd. So sometimes you have to say something that appeals to the mass rather than it being absolutely, no-hint-of-a-qualifier-needed, accurate.

[My apologies in describing my fellow commentards as base, lowly creatures. But vote for me and I promise you an amphora of olive oil apiece, a war won against Sparta, and a front row seat for the next Aristophanes "comedy" (no I don't laugh either, to be honest) ]

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