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"I'm not aware of him having stated that Jewish people are responsible for our economic and social woes (please feel free to link to a quote to the contrary if I'm mistaken)."

That's the underlying principle of Corbynomics. Corbyn dances around the edge of acceptability in terms of language - he doesn't come right out and say it's 'the jooz', but simply uses codewords and allusions. It's all straight out of the Protocols/The International Jew, apart from the one word missing.

Of course, you can excuse away each of Corbyn's actions individually, but looked at as a whole this is a man who has supported and funded Holocaust denial for decades, associated closely with leading neo-Nazis and other assorted antisemites, criticised Israel in a manner that even his supporters have to admit is unbalanced, stated his belief in conspiracy theories about 9/11 and the NWO, and who now expects us to believe that the thinly veiled antisemitic conspiracy theory he's currently wielding is truly just directed at 'bankers'. Given his track record as a flagrant liar*, it's ridiculous to suggest that there's any doubt left about what he's really about.

*Everything from the lies about 'bankers' stealing hundreds of billions in QE, to the ones about how he doesn't claim expenses (while in fact he's actually fiddling them), to the ones about how he isn't a multi-millionaire fraud.

"I don't trust politicians full stop and am happy to take the piss out of them (hell, they've been taking the piss out of us for years) but the nazi thing is a bit of a stretch."

If only it were. I don't like the political class generally, but Corbyn's so vile that he makes Cameron and Blair look like an attractive option. It's not a stretch at all to point out that being in favour of a Fascist, socialist state built on antisemitic lies has a name, and that name is undoubtedly Nazism.

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