Reply to post: Great comments, but... unleashes 3D virtual world to train GCHQ's kiddie division


Great comments, but...

Loving the comments, unfortunately, having actually read a little more about the platform, I can't GCHQ in the platform. In fact, logging in and actually browsing the games in there, there is no GCHQ games in there - I see ProCheckUp, Clearswift and a few others. If they're recruiting and this works, then brilliant.

I get why this exists, been there, done the 24hr shifts, got out of the industry. Too many security pros doing the SOC work because there's not enough new blood able to do that job yet - so find those who have some interest in the topic and hire them!

As usual Reg did a fine title to a story, however, my answer is neither amusing nor snarky so my comments can be ignored (Reg-style!). Reaches for tinfoil hat and watches a nice documentary about reptiles.

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