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> Are Corbynites actually so ignorant that they don't recognise Corbyn's policies, or are they all winking at each other about the camouflage?

It is interesting that a few weeks ago, the One Show sent Giles Brandreth out on the streets. He stopped random passers by and asked "are you in favour of <something or other> ?" The various things included such things as "a fully funded NHS" IIRC.

Of course, if you just ask people "do you support a fully funded NHS ?" then the answer is probably yes - as long as you don't prompt them to think about where the money comes from.

Needless to say, most people were in favour of the "policies" being asked about - and so were shocked to be labelled as a "closet socialist".

But that's the problem. Few think it's a bad idea to have a well funded NHS. But rather more will have doubts once the "and are you prepared to pay for it ?' bit comes along. We'd all like well funded local services, a fully funded NHS, massive pay rises, a posh car on the drive (and another one for SWMBO), and of course the big house with a big enough drive for multiple cars, and ...

But, once you ask someone "are you prpared to pay for it ?" then suddenly I think you'll find the answers change. It seems to be standard Labour policy to promise all sorts of stuff, and also promise that "the rich" will pay for it through punitive taxation.

I think this latter method has been seen to be crap before (hasn't Tim Worstall covered it ?) because if you try and screw the rich too much - then they'll just up and leave and you'll find out that you're worse off !

Or you keep screwing around with the hidden taxes (as Gordon Brown was a master) until the "middle classes" suddenly realise they've been screwed over - inheritance tax on a far from lavish "middle England" family home anyone ?

Not that Labour are the only ones doing crass things. The last budget saw an attack on private landlords that will put rents up for tenants - and that's supposed to be a benefit for people who rent ?

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