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Corbyn's broader and more useful aims?

As ever, an interesting piece Mr. Worstall.

What do you think of the other members of the "dream team" of economists? Surely you must be appreciative that someone, anyone, in politics is thoughtful enough to seek advice from your lot, and thus to avoid so many of the obvious pitfalls. (My opinion, fwiw is that the law of unintended consequences can betray them, but I can't tell you how.)

Back on topic, sure governments are hopeless innovators, look at the technology in Brazil, the film, for inadmissible evidence.

I don't think we're even below-par on innovation - kickstarter, self-publishing, crowdfunding et al have changed the innovation landscape far more than Corbyn ever will, for the better that is.

He might want to address some more fundamental issues, like how to propel young bright minds out of eduacation-debt and into housing, before they're 30 and the edge has been ground off them.

On that topic, do you have any suggestions as to how we might deflate the property market so it stops being a monster investment for those offshore and starts to serve those who need it?

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