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Back your arguments with facts, otherwise they're pointless

Mr. MityDK,

Dimitris from NetApp here. Sucks for all flash? We win performance PoCs against competitors all the time. Imagine if we didn't suck! :)

We also have had zero (yes zero) SSDs worn out since we started shipping flash in arrays many years ago. Imagine if we didn't suck at flash, how much more reliable we could make them ;)

Data management is also far beyond anything from any vendor (traditional ONTAP strength).

Flexibility - also beyond anybody else's gear by a long shot.

BTW: If you're working for a competitor, it's gentlemanly etiquette to disclose affiliation.

If you're on the customer side - then ask for a demo and see for yourself just how much it "sucks". You might be surprised to learn that not everything you see on the Internet is true, especially if coming from competitors (ignoring for a moment the irony).

Pricing per raw TB means nothing anyway, since that number is without efficiencies factored in. Includes the fastest controller, software and support costs, too. Ask for a quote and see just how "expensive" it really is :)



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