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Off, on, somewhere in the middle?

If the internet is going to go full blast towards the horizon, then at least give those of us with reservations, the ability to put the brakes on.

Yes. I know some excellent tools are available, like NoScript, but for most of us, the learning curve starts off a little steep and pulling apart some sites to decide which of the forty scripts are needed to get the most utility at the least risk, is a little daunting.

I would like to see NoScript and others, who have worked so hard to bring security to our computers, being given corporate donations to continue and hopefully enhance their software to ultimately allow noobs an easy in, on the world of belt and braces internet security.

Perhaps, a fully comprehensive and regularly updated list of scripts, held centrally and qualified on a scale of 1 to 11 regarding their intrusiveness and or maliciousness, therefore allowing users to set their browsing on a paranoia scale of 0 to 10.

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