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Mint 17.2 is supposed to fix UEFI support

I've just bought one of these from PC World with their 10% cashback offer, got them to order in the black one which will take a week but it actually works out cheaper at £630.. then with the cashback it's £567 - a bit more reasonable considering the lower specs of the UK version. Also a lot, lot cheaper than a Dell XPS 13 which everyone is saying is the nearest comparison.

I'll be installing Mint on it when it arrives and it hopefully 17.2 should fix install issues as they've fixed support for UEFI and are running under Ubuntu's Secureboot signature (

Had my EE701 for years and it's still going strong so have been impressed with Asus build quality. Was waiting for an affordable ultra portable from them without all that touch screen nonsense. Had a look at the Yoga 3 in the shop but I don't need a touch screen, didn't like the shiny screen and the keyboard didn't look as good either.

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