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Still not sure of affected vehicles...

So we're picking up a new VW-group diesel tomorrow, but thinking we are not affected. This CNET article ( ) has VW claiming that only the EA189 engine is affected and that their newer Euro VI engine (EA288) has passed the tests properly.

As I understand it, the car will be one of the ones that made the number go from 500k to 11m - the software is affected, but the engine setup is somehow different. Previous reports have suggested an AdBlue/urea tank that could be activated during testing but not during normal driving, so it would make sense that if the EA288 doesn't have that tank then it can't be activated by affected software, even if it's in the code, and the EA288 must have passed the tests genuinely.

It's a bit woolly, unclear and concerning... but then all their PR blurb says we're fine just now.

Anyone seen anything clearer??

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