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All that stuff is an open secret, and constitutes a level playing field amongst manufacturers (albeit one that progressively reduces the value of testing, as the car's preparation further diverges from real world motoring). No reproducible lab test is ever going to replicate all car owners' on-road experiences. Driving conditions and driving styles are far too disparate. Car reviews give one a fairly good idea of how the published figures relate to reality.

The ECU software issue is different, because it's equivalent to supplying one sort of car engine for testing, and a completely different one to the car buyer. The environment suffers from cars that pollute far more than they have regulatory approval to do. If these cars are now locked down into test mode, the owners' experience will suffer. The car they own will no longer be in any way like the one they test-drove. This was not an open secret. It was a very well-kept secret, and the intent was to defraud governments and car owners alike. It was precisely analagous to drug-cheating in sports.

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