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Airbnb should get prepared for a Uber-type governmental attack

Many countries require accommodation guests to be registered with the 'appropriate authorities', some to keep their tracking records accurate and others to make sure the tax man gets his cut.

And before an accommodation provider goes into business, they have to get inspected as to fitness for purpose by the said Cong An and registered with aforementioned tax people.

In VietNam everyone's but everyone's sleeping accommodation has to registered with the designated branch of the Cong An (aka People's Police). Same applies to homes, temporary accommodation such as those for itinerant farm workers and construction types.

Many Foreigners here in Ho Chi Minh City/SaiGon have seized the opportunity to make money and have rented apartments by the year and sublet through Airbnb which violates the lease and numerous applicable statutes.

And, just like Uber, all it takes is an e-mail or phone call and the gendarmes have all the information they need for a take down!

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