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POP just means syncing properly mail across different devices is far more difficult, something that today in a multi-device world is increasingly needed. Do you access your email from a single one?

IMAP ensures easy syncing and a central storage - making backups, especially for multiple users, far easier - while you can still access your email offline from any device (and have also a copy there, sometimes it's very useful, if something goes wrong between backups)

Moreover, POP increases the write-delete-write cycles on the SD card, especially if the OS doesn't use the proper delete commands. Have you ever heard of the different type of flash memory (SLC, MLC, etc.), and terms like "overprovisioning"? There are reasons because an SD card can cost a few bucks compared to some SSD disks designing for write intensive operations, which can cost thousands... most phones and tablets aren't write intensive devices, on PCs, you won't run a server on a SSD not designed for the task - and when you decided to run a server, you're no longer a "consumer" - but nobody forbids you to select the configuration you like - just, be aware of the implied risks.

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