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I've tried taking pictures of stuff but never know if they turned out correctly. It's like I can't see through the viewfinder or something.


As for the incident the other day, I got myself bitchslapped, a temporary ban, you folks wrote in on my behalf (Thank you!), and the ban was reversed. I sent an appollogy to the Editor, explained why I'd written the post, & asked for future "Redacted" text to SAY that it's been redacted, rather than using nonstandard ASCII characters to Visually Only create that effect. I logged back in, read the trolls whom replied to me, read the supporters whom spoke up for me, & decided that I would be best served holding my tongue. If I replied to the trolls I'd just get my butt banned again. If I replied to the supporters I'd just trigger the trolls to troll. So I accepted my spanking, left that post behind, & went on to the next article...

Thank you all for your concern & support. It's the reason I enjoy this place so much! I'll try to keep a more civil tongue from now on, but me & Behaving are all too often at loggerheads.

Like wearing pants. I don't see why it's required, and I can't afford the bail. Dagnabit!


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