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@Lee D

Agreed, and I've more to add:

* The Register: Where the F* is the print whole article button already? F* tedious trimming, joining and reformatting of several pages of content!

* Low load servers like this should preferably be hosted in a container/jail on a shared server like a NAS, not in another pain to manage box; I've already done this with FreeNAS 9.3 and PostgreSQL 4*, with robust storage protection and web shell for free. The cost of proper mini server hardware (e.g. Asustek and HP) /with parity RAM/ is not that expensive, but it's a lot more reliable and will probably end up costing a lot less time, grief and power cost than lots of iffy micro servers.

* A fixed IP address is not necessary if you use one of the free (to a limit) DDNS services like DtDNS, and a DDNS updater in a decent internet router or local computer.

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