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When I switched to using Mac, it wasn't so much the pg down and pg up end and home keys that were a bother, but the fact the cmd key next to the space-bar does mostly what the ctrl key does on Windows. It's so much easier to only have to sacrifice the little pinkie for multi finger key-presses than have to contort a major index pinkie into position when you also want to press a combo key on the left hand side of the keyboard. It just feels so wrong. Has done for years. Still does really.

That has always been my biggest irritation in making the switch because it is a small but significant ever present irritation (and I find just about nothing else worse, I've even got over decreased file manager -> finder functionality once I learned the strange keyboard ways of the finder and hidden power user tricks). I guess I could easily have given up and simply remapped the keyboard transposing fn and cmd but I've always striven under the perhaps misguided view I would be better off learning to do it the Mac way (it's always annoying when you have to use someone else's machine if you remap keyboards).

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