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"Clever Microsoft, they just made it inconvenient enough to discourage large masses of users to explore other OS."

"Clever" Microsoft just managed to completely piss off a lot of its user base. Introducing the Ribbon was bad enough. I remember well when a Microserf showed us the beta of the first beribboned version of Excel. I asked the serf to show us how to split the window and he couldn't. In Office 2013 MS removed Autocorrect from the context menu in Word. Then they fucking well pushed 5.95 GB onto my Zenbook while I was holidaying and on mobile data! My mobile service provider charges $AU2/MB once my allowance is all used up!

One of my friends has asked me to source a replacement for his family PC. It will come with Cinnamon Mint installed! Any friends or ex-clients (I'm retired) who wants a Windows machine from now on won't be sourcing it through my recommendation.

Clever, clever Microsoft...

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