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Isn't running your own mail server something best done from a rented server in a data center somewhere?


In the event of my connection going down, I want my email in the place I'm most likely to be...

I always thought that running such a thing on a residential connection is a recipe for unavailability and untold frustration especially with regards the blacklistings.

There's never a problem for inbound mail. Outbound mail *might* have to be smarthosted through your ISP (or other), depending on the sort of connection you have (and the reputation of the previous owner[1]).


[1] I once had a very interesting email problem. A user was trying to send mail through BT (his ISP), but everything was being bounced. It turned out that BT was using spam filtering on its MSA port, and the IP address he had had been blacklisted as spammy. He was on a dynamic IP; it was the previous user that was the problem.

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