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The porblem is, you are now too late to reject it because it then becomes : accept mail and queue it, scan and reject it - now what ? If you "bounce" it then you are now part of the problem as you'll generate huge amounts of backscatter.

My apologies, I can only upvote your post once...

I used to get endless recommendations for MailScanner. Now I've not looked recently, but at the time, that was purely accept-then-reject. And the backscatter just flows...

One significant tool I use is an SPF milter[1]. Many, many spammers still forge domain addresses, and this just stops them dead.


[1] I've actually modified mine - although it's no longer fully RFC-compliant, I recommend the modification to everyone. I treat "+all" in SPF as "-all". I suspect "+all" was included for orthogonality, but I cannot for the life of me think of a single situation where it is anything but harmful - and I've seen lots of "+all" records in the wild :-(

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