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I also use an AWS-based server as backup MX

I dislike the use of a backup MX except in large-scale operations. For those of is with a tolerable level of traffic, they tend to become a weakpoint in your spam defences - unless you rigorously control your user list on the backup to mirror the primary, you can end up in the situation of accidentally accepting mail for non-existent users. You've then got to deal with that...

Far beter, IMO, to leave mail in the outbound MTA's queue, to be delivered to your primary MX when it's back on line.

My own issue though is reading email while away. I don't make my IMAP server available via the Internet

I use port-forwarding over SSH to create the IMAP ports on whatever device I'm using. As long as you use ports >1024, you don't even need to root your phone for that. But frankly, the single most useful access system I've found has been SquirrelMail.


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