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I ran my own own home server for several years on static IPs, then I got myself a dedicated host and I also ran mail for my family. I used Dovecot, postgrey and various other tools (clamav and spamassassin).

Eventually the dedicated host's HDD died and I spent ages doing a RAID recovery, doing backup recovery, etc. Frankly that tipped me over the edge. The maintenance, dealing with the odd mail that didn't get through and dealing with the hackers attempting to get in was tedious. Okay, dealing with my families requests was the most tedious part, but overall I didn't need the grief overall.

I have since moved my mail and other stuff to Dreamhost on an unlimited hosting deal and at least I don't have to think about it. The performance of Dreamhost mail isn't fantastic and the webmail is basic, but I am happy enough not to have to think about maintenance. I could move my mail to Google but I decided to draw a line somewhere and give myself a little control.

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