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As an alternative

...and as the path of least resistance:

1) Buy a domain ($10/yr) [1]

2) Get yourself some cPanel webhosting (£29/yr) [2]

3) Use either an email client or use the built-in 'private' webmail, set up your email addresses and you're all good (if anyone needs a step-by-step let me know)

So why do it like that?

In a cost/risk/benefit sort of fashion, you get a lot of the benefit of 'private' kit; but very little of the brain-damage. You don't have to buy the machine; someone else is largely responsible for security; and you can usually use their certificate (certificate being a major source of brain-damage) for TLS. Plus the total cost is what you would be blowing in electricity anyway. You get a posh-looking email address; server logs; (optional) spam filter; webmail for those wot like it; and you're not going to be constantly blackholed if you pick the right host. If you're on a 'domestic' connection you're going to have to have some sort of bridge over your ISP in any event.

[1] You will often be offered a free domain with the webosting. I find it best to keep hosting and domains separate because you are *far* more likely to encounter problems with hosting than with a domain registrar. If you have to extract your domain from the host, it makes moving a lot more troublesome and time-consuming. If your domains are separate, you just point the nameservers to the new host and you can be back in business within the hour. Webhosting tends to be a bit's all great to start with, so customers are attracted. The company expands faster than they can cope with and it all goes titsup. Seen it happen time and again.

[2] Vidahost. I (and a couple of clients) have been with them for a couple of years now and there's still no sign of impending apocalypse. They know what they're doing and support is good. They get the -extremely conditional, suspicious and grudging- moiety seal of approval. For now...

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