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"Most of my users haven't got their heads around "file > print" yet. I mistakenly used the term "bookmark" last week only to get a chorus of people asking me to quit with the technobabble."

If you are in UK, it might be worth contacting local F.E. College or local authority Adult Education service. Depending on numbers and your company approach to training &c might be possible to get a trainer out to do basics on your site. There will certainly be courses available locally.

Carrot: Trainers are really patient and have the 'get them laughing while they develop skills' type approach. They can pick up wider issues e.g. maths knowledge problems when using Excel that might help people get more useful.

Stick: As a senior colleague of mine puts it "there is a word for people without reasonable IT skills: unemployable".

The might is emphasised as I have not been involved with 'employer-responsive provision' (as this would be called) for ages and the system might have been spannered.

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