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I suppose some people think that running a server is rocket science.

It isn't.

I've been doing it since 2001/2002, and most of it with hand-me-down second-hand equipment. First mail server was a Dual Pentium PRO with 3 2GB SCSI HDDs running Slackware and using sendmail. Later we had an IBM Netfinity rackmount server with a PIII 550MHz CPU and 5 SCSI HDDs between 18GB and 72GB.

In 2010 that was retired for a little Intel Atom box that's been running my site ever since. Mail stack these days is Postfix and Dovecot on Gentoo Linux.

The important bit: make sure your server doesn't unwittingly relay spam. Dealing with the rest is not complex or expensive, and until only last week, the only on-going costs needed were for an Internet connection and power, I've only recently bought a domain to replace the freebie one I was using from

Set it up right, and it's as hands-off experience as you'd be used to from the likes of Gmail and Yahoo. Better in fact, since you're in control of your own destiny.

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