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Behind the Curve....

I have been derided for clinging to WinXP far beyond its sell-by date. However, I had no option: my pension didn't stretch to buying Win7.

That said, I have done my best to effect belt-and-braces security. My firewall is strong: it passes all the Shields Up tests. I've installed an AV program but I also regularly run Malwarebytes and Trend Micro Housecall. I launch my browser within Sandboxie. My browser's default setting is not to accept any cookies: why would anyone accept them as the norm? I've also installed browser add-ons such as Adblock, Certificate Patrol, NoScript, Ghostery, Wot, and also Masking Agent: the latter because I don't want to broadcast that I'm still using WinXP!

My browser homepage is, from where I can anonymously search via Google, or via the equally anonymous Duckduckgo. Seriously, why would anyone want their searches to be logged, and current searches to be filtered based on information derived from their previous searches? Or perhaps that only matters to people whose jobs/interests involve wide-ranging, eclectic, research? And, if I go to a site where I have to log-in, I bar 3rd party cookies. Thus far, that hasn't prevented me from accessing the sites that really matter to me.

Given my budgetary constraints, I will soon have to get to grips with a verson of Linux. In the meantime, I'm so glad that I am exempt from the insidious encroach of Win10!

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