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The whole deal is that here we have an example of a "front-end door". It clearly shows that it doesn't matter if the technology was compromised knowingly or unknowingly for the end users.

Yes. And that's why this latest twist1 - making the master keys more-widely available, and getting that story to the press - is a Good Thing. It exposes this particular bit of foolish and dangerous security theater for what it is.

Much of the TSA nonsense and similar fear-mongering and false security is difficult to debunk in a manner that's easily comprehensible and interesting to most users. These TSA-approved luggage locks, on the other hand, are purchased by folks who are 1) already worried (about their luggage), and 2) won't have any trouble seeing the problem with "anyone can open that lock easily, in a way that you can't detect".

Personally, I've never bothered locking my carry-on or checked baggage, because what's the threat model under which that offers enough return to make it worth the cost? Luggage locks were always trivial to defeat. But I know plenty of folks with TSA locks for "peace of mind", and now that's gone.


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