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hardware suppliers not ready?

done a few windows 10 install jobs now....

I have found a couple of main stream LARGE hardware suppliers without the full set of win10 utility/drivers for their extra above keyboard buttons.. eg wifi on/off buttons !

so it REALLY is not ready yet......

if a Lenovo always restarts when told to shutdown, without specific tweaking of settings deep in power management..

then it is NOT READY yet...

a 60Gb SSD loops with "out of diskspace" "needs to cleanup" now.... (no data just win10 and office2010 installed) so don't go there...

watch out for below the fold privacy uncheck options that don't show on letterbox laptops!

one can keep hiding the MS Store charm icons, and taskbar icons, but they will keep reappearing, removal is futile, as they keep reinstalling....

on the other hand I have other customers who cannot install win10 due to data warehousing privacy issues... so ..... when are these going to be clarified....?

AND system-restore seems to be being left turned OFF after win10 installs - why ?

just my 7.5pence worth....

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