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Yes agree. I've used Linux Mint [a Debian/Ubuntu relation] for the past five or six years as a desktop. I'd quite like an alternative for Access, as I have to deal with Access idiocy professionally and I'd like to find a 'cure', but I don't miss anything else. I have a Windows laptop, but it's used about once a month and will soon be sold.

Happily, I'm old, so I was pretty used to Unix when it was around, that helps, but you don't need it. After being unofficial support line to my ex, I've now converted her desktop and there are much fewer 'help!' calls than previously. She's using day to day without any deep knowledge.

I'm watching the world move from PCs as a useful tool to 'devices' containing 'apps' that are used to 'monetize' whatever. Open source is the only sane way back to putting us in command of our computing world.

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