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>So, they'd better be a fucking way to stop the upgrade. Permanently.

1. Turn off auto updates.

2. Uninstall any updates on the list of known telemetry and W10 updates.

3. Disable the CEIP

4. Set WUP to let you know there are updates but not to download them. (Windows security is happy with this setting, it is not happy if you totally disable updates.)

5. Download and use WSUS Offline (although you will still need to "watch this space").

Actions 3 & 4 are also recommended if you are on a capped/slow connection.

Action 5 does incur an initial overhead (1~2GB of actual data hence more like 3~4GB of ISP data if on mobile broadband), but if you have more than one machine you only incur it once.

Only install new updates 2~3 after patch Tuesday when others will have vetted them for MS stealthware.

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