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David Roberts

Automatic updates?

As far back as my admittedly failing memory goes I was always advised to set WU to automatically download but not install updates.

I could then see that updates were available but wait for a few days whilst the braver/more foolhardy tried them out. If the patch wasn't withdrawn or replaced then it could be installed with fair confidence. Some seem to categorise this as security stupidity (why?) but it seems a sensible balance between blind trust and no patching.

A year or so back the number of bad patches seemed so low that I finally switched to fully automatic despite the occasional unexpected overnight reboots.

Early experience of W8 persuaded me to go back to the old settings.

This again looks a sensible strategy, given the W10 upgrade approach.

There are plenty of guides on which patches to hide/uninstall to remove the W10 badness and associated telemetry. I have done this and so far see no signs of any bulk download. Just waiting now for the patches to be up-issued with new numbers. All this cocking about by MS has done is make me extremely reluctant to apply patches because of misleading or missing descriptions.

However readers here are generally very computer aware and thus a vanishingly small percentage of the total user base. Illustrated by the constant testimonials to the health giving benefits of Linux and the total lack of adoption by the general public. Face it - 90% or more just buy an Internet and use a Google to access it. They are helpless victims and the big corporations are well aware of this.

I expect to move to W10 at the end of the free period, assuming that no more major hidden "benefits" emerge. I use Windows because of a few specialist devices only supported by Windows or IOS. I have not had great success using VMWare to connect these devices through Ubuntu to a Windows VM.

At one time I always ran dual boot and spent a significant time using Linux on the desktop but at the moment it does nothing for me that Windows7/8.1 does not do at least adequately. Only the W7 system is currently dual boot and Ubuntu only gets fired up to update on the rare occasions when I remember. So stuck with Windows by default.


TL;DR sadly no point in complaining. Nobody is listening.

Beer because I now need one :-(

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