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I've looked into this - it was a question I was going to ask about the latest update files too.

For reference I'm looking at three machines which run Windows 7 x64 (my home machine, my work machine, and my parent's machine).

From what I can see the recent Telemetry updates to Windows 7, which caused the previous recent brou-ha-ha about Windows 10 tracking being back ported to earlier versions, come as "Recommended" updates. I've always unticked "Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates" in Windows update which has stopped these being installed. I never saw the point as Recommended updates only seemed to fix obsure things like a key combination bug when editing a Spanish Word document imported into Excel. I have Important updates set to "inform but let me choose to download and install". Since Windows 10 update nags haven't appeared on these machines I suspect the Windows 10 stuff is set as Recommended updates rather than Important updates. This may explain why you've not seen updates.

Unfortunately I suspect it's only a matter of time before MS change them from Recommended to Important to make sure they ensnare everyone.

So my question - is the update that downloads the Windows 10 update files - is this a Recommended or Important update? I suspect and hope it is the former - it certainly doesn't qualify as the latter by any conventional definition of the word.

The work machine has it's windows update settings configured by a group policy so updates are auto installed but only those updates approved by our BOFH and Windows 10 is firmly verbotten on all work machines.

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