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Anti-peeping-tom drone law nixed in California

Androdgenous CowHerd

That "Thunderstorm" you just heard...

...was every GangBanger in greater Los Angeles opening fire on any/every "drone" they see.

I don't blame that dad for shooting down the drone he feared was peeping on his daughters, and something tells me a lot more armed parents are going to start doing likewise. "You fly a drone over my property & I'll consider it Tresspassing. Don't want me shooting your ass down? Don't fly over my home."

And whom can blame the shooter? If you caught a Peeping Tom looking in your daughter's 2nd story window at 3AM, your first thought is to yell for someone else to call the cops while YOU grab the bastard & beat the shit out of the pervert. Since you can't reach the drone by hand, blowing it away is a perfectly reasonable reaction instead. As is shooting the Criminal Tresspasser on your property.

I realize most Europeans don't own a gun & will disagree with this, that's fine & I welcome the discussion, but if you catch someone violating your privacy in such a blatant & flagrant manner, do you not wish to inflict grievous bodily harm on the scum?

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