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3D printer blueprints for TSA luggage-unlocking master keys leak online


"I'm not sure a 3D printer is needed or would work since the plastic output isn't all that strong."

I'm thinking it's a template to make a mould to make permanent ones.

"those luggage locks are joke"

True, I first saw those and thought "these have backdoor keys to let the people who are most likely to steal my stuff to get to my stuff that much easier. It's h/w for morons. Like IoT.

The whole business of flying in a post 9/11 world is a joke. TSA creeps feeling up all hotties, pilots too drunk to fly, pilots too angry to fly, shit service, every single item that is extra costs extra even though it used to be free. I hope to never fly ever again. Complete bullshit from beginning to end.

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