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US cop goes war-driving to find stolen gear by MAC address


Never mind...

...all the "is it right" bollocks.

How do you patent wardriving?

Id imagine hes using well known tools for harvesting the data and probably some sort of PHP-esque script to put it in a database all wrapped in some sort of bootstrap-esque skin.

If its the bits in the middle that hes patenting I am going to submit a patent covering piping dmesg into grep.

Grep exists and piping exists so im going to claim the bit in the middle. I will also trademark and copyright "|".

Ill then sue every software house that has the audacity to allow this so called "feature" in their OS builds.

Im also going to write a tool that looks for all these "bits in the middle" and automatically submits them for patenting then when its accepted automatically file a lawsuit.

P8NT [Usage: --scan-level "apple" --auto-file-patent true --auto-troll true --retries 9001 --invoke-reality-distortion-field true --appeal-on-failure true --flimflam-offset 0.1 --inject-codswallop true --ignore-existing-patents true --filter "round corners, air, candy crush .."]

Bruteforce patenting tool. By CaptainBanjax.

Id open source it but in its initial test it patented, sued and shutdown github.

It also threw an exception when it patented and sued itself.

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