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US cop goes war-driving to find stolen gear by MAC address

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

No one is going to be sent to jail on the basis of just a mac address and I doubt ...

There is quite a *lot* of examples of SWAT going totally guns blazing --- at the wrong address, over trivial things like someone skipping bail - et cetera.

And "just" only means that the cops will do you for "Resisting Arrest" by twitching too much as they tazer you repeatedly. Or just shoot you. Maybe to get some time off with pay while the enquiry clears them of any wrongdoing.

And there is Asset Forfeiture - meaning that cops can nick your stuff and you have to sue them to get it back.

Encounters with cops today are almost as dicey as meeting any other gang-bangers - almost, because the gangs might actually not rob you and not put you in jail and just sell you the weed you wanted.

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