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US cop goes war-driving to find stolen gear by MAC address

Paul E

No one is going to be sent to jail on the basis of just a mac address and I doubt anyone trying to investigate if a possible MAC 'hit' is a stolen device is going to go in SWAT style with all guns blazing at the very least because there is a very good chance that the current person in possession of the device may have innocently bought it from the actual culprit.

One would hope:

1) The software discards immediately any MAC address not in its hitlist.

2) Possible 'hits' are investigated without undue force and that the device if found must exactly match the description of the stolen item including checking of serial number (if known) and imei if a phone.

3) The current possessor of the device is given enough opportunity to explain how they got the device and to demonstrate they are the correct owner,

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