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You shouldn't be paying for mobile ads (please buy our software)


When Adblocking on mobile reaches a tipping point,then the advertising industry and the website owners will have to reform themselves. To make it safer for all consumers,the website should be the one who filters and delivers the ads in a respectful way,and not have twenty other ip addresses loading content individually. That's the real problem. And the major fact that the ad people have not taken responsibility to vet every single ad uploaded to their networks. I for one am tired of being called the bad guy just for protecting myself!

" Why should we not be "subsidising" Google and Facebook for using their services?"

Because they are not loading the ads,they only provide the template or platform to deliver which the website designer places into his pages. Only God knows how many shady ad companies will load thru those avenues. Because it IS NOT Google or facebook vetting those ads!

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