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You shouldn't be paying for mobile ads (please buy our software)

John Brown (no body) Silver badge

"I can see that happening to sites that cant show their adds on your screen."

Back in the olden days when I was still using Windows, TuCows did exactly that. You could browse the software libraries for ever, but any attempt to download a file was met with a re-direct through the ad-server. IIRC, the only "ad-blocker" back then was a custom hosts file routing the ad-servers to localhost and blocking the TuCows ad-server meant no downloads. I stopped using TuCows, Blocking the ads was my response to the increase in ads per page and "in your face" GIF anim ads. (was flash a thing for ads back then? I forget, it's so long ago now). They "won" the advert arms race but it was a Pyrrhic victory since they lost me anyway.

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