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You shouldn't be paying for mobile ads (please buy our software)

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Well I can see what Roi Carthy is getting at, but yes it isn't just mobile, although Roi is focusing on mobile because it tends to have the most restrictive data allowances and expensive data rates.

Basically, what Roi is arguing about is that we the customer have paid for our data and hence we are within our right to dictate what data we will and won't accept over our line. Roi is taking this to the next step and saying that because the ISP's don't get any payment from the advertisers for forwarding their ad's then they shouldn't be forwarding them.

I suppose it's a bit like a newspaper, whilst you pay for it, everyone in the distribution chain gets a cut of the sale, currently ISP's don't (in the main) get paid to serve content.

It seems this argument has some ramifications with respect to net neutrality.

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