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Used to be the same but the other factor to consider is that when children do come along, the young ones have patience that can be measured in nano-seconds and it's simply easier to just vacate the TV and let them have at it with whatever console they want to use, be it either Mum's Nintendo or the XBOX. They can then let me bugger up my PC with whatever I'm messing about with, without the cries of "Dad, can you install XYZ (*) so I can play it?", which will involve 45 mins work to get running.

( * Kids love retro games, my daughter used to absolutely love playing PuttPutt games on the SCUMM interpreter and they're from the early 90's! Learned to make lots of notes/backups on how to use the SCUMMVM "emulator". Either that or she'd want to play some naff 1994 Windows95 Barbie game that would involved 20 mins tinkering with compat settings or setting up a VM. Bloody kids! )

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