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Mad Max: High-octane dystopian desert demolition derby

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Cool, I'll fire up my ebay 10 quid 360 that I rescued from rrod with my chef's blowlamp trick. No wait, they cancelled the 360 version because theyre not the latest shiny. Ok I'll use the also rescued ps3, *bbbbbbzzzztt* wrong answer...

As for console noobs, er, I find gaming on a console much simpler after years of being on the upgrade train, pc's with enough fans to achieve hovercraft lift, random green water running about to buried empty gas bottles filled with water buried outside as heatsinks yadayadayada. Being on a console just means I am off doing more interesting things stuff with computers that some gamer might not have got to learning about yet (or ever will).

It seems I need a new shiny again now however. Or I'll go for a play on my supercharged bike instead because its more fun and looks like a extra out of the original, while waiting for the latest round of hardware to become cheap enough to be worth buying.

I quite liked the film as it goes, much better than chunderzone.

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