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French hacker besmuts road sign right under Les Plods' noses

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I remember DSK's defence was quite interesting. His lawyer said in court that, with their clothes off, his client was unable to tell a prostitute from a woman of quality.

Perhaps when you think the sun shines out of your own arse, you genuinely believe that all women just want to throw themselves at you. So why would you have to pay women to attend? I remember that when I lived in Brussels there was a huge swinging scene going on. A lot of it seemed to be amongst the Eurocrats. And they were always desperately trying to attract extra women. My theory was that it was the men who were therefore the driving force in getting the parties going, and their wives were there to supervise, but weren't so interested in joining in themselves. Either that, or the guys were only interested in younger women. There were very clear that single blokes need not apply, but all young single women welcome. Seemed to be a very odd scene.

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