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The Honor's a defo gamechanger, but good luck buying one

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Most of these end up in various outlets in southeast Asia. I was recently in the Philippines and you could find a lot of them there in various marketplaces. Thing was, it's hard to sort out the decent stuff from the cheapos. I ended up obtaining one that seems a bit underpowered for its specs and the GPS unit in it was crappy, not to mention it's set up all funky and seems to contain some under-the-bonnet stuff that smells of sniffing, but it's better than nothing, it's a genuine dual-SIM (with separate MicroSD slot) and it's not like I paid a fortune for it (only about ~$70). I keep it as a car GPS unit and media player these days. I couldn't reflash it because of its obscurity, but rooting it was enough to whip it into some semblance of shape.

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