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The Honor's a defo gamechanger, but good luck buying one


Of course. My point is simply if the whole market is commoditised and starts competing on price, it actually ends up being worse for the consumer than many people realise. Running a company can be risky and when margins are razor thin, companies tend to do stuff simply to ensure they survive. That's why laptops got to be made of flimsy plastic and pre-installed with crapware and/or worse. I for one am extremely happy there is Apple competing on other axes than price. My beef is with the statement "The big budget, winner-takes-all flagship model looks broken" when it looks anything but (and as stated accommodates the highest market cap in the world - so if that's broken, give me some of it please). And the recommendation for this broken model, is more commodity priced handsets on a model that *is* broken, because outside of China, very few handset manufacturers are in the black. Especially because they don't own the whole stack and end up trying to differentiate via the crapware route (they have no margins to invest in R&D to truly differentiate).

If the consumer is driven too much by price, the same will happen inside China as well.

The handset market currently has far higher quality standards than the laptop market reached and Apple and to a lesser extent Samsung, have been a major contributing force (Apple is I think also now helping to improve the laptop market as few did before them - maybe Sony,IBM/Lenovo and to a very small extent Dell).

I just found the broken model remark to be either uninformed or unintelligent, or quite possibly both.

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