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The Honor's a defo gamechanger, but good luck buying one

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Anonymous Coward

Do you mean "Oppo" ?? A well established Chinese phone maker.

By accident, I am currently the owner of TWO Chinese smart phones, an Umi Zero and a Xiaomi Red Rice, both are very good phones for the money.

The £140 Umi is a sleek and sexy alloy job with a glorious screen that feels like it should cost a lot more. Lollipop is only a beta option, but it is so fast it doesnt matter.

The Xiaomi is a solidly made workhorse that cost me £94; as a "copy" of the Galaxy Note 4, it offers 80% of the performance for 20% of the price. It will get even closer to the Samsung when it finally gets Lollipop - a recent UI update to MIUI v6 increased its Antutu score by 50%.

Except, unlike the Samsung, it has dual SIM, a micro SD slot, and a removable battery.

Both are rooted out of the box, and both are being supported with numerous updates and custom ROM options.

I think anyone paying over £200 for a phone, on or off contract, is a mug.

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