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@ DougS

Sadly we need to be even faster then that, as it's predicted that in 500,000,000 years the sun has heated up enough, to prevent life on Earth, and we all will be cooked.

or according to wikipedia 600 million years, but who cares about a vew years ;)

"The Sun's increasing luminosity begins to disrupt the carbonate–silicate cycle; higher luminosity increases weathering of surface rocks, which traps carbon dioxide in the ground as carbonate. As water evaporates from the Earth's surface, rocks harden, causing plate tectonics to slow and eventually stop. Without volcanoes to recycle carbon into the Earth's atmosphere, carbon dioxide levels begin to fall.[50] By this time, carbon dioxide levels will fall to the point at which C3 photosynthesis is no longer possible. All plants that utilize C3 photosynthesis (~99 percent of present-day species) will die.[51]"

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