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If it was my job, the definition would be:

Time Traveller: This is rather a silly term, as all people are Time Travellers. In fact, all matter in the universe travels through time. It all travels forwards. The only real Time Travellers to take note of are the rude ones. Those ones don't say "hello" when they pass you, no, they say "olleh" and then proceed to disappear into the past. Never ever invite this type of Time Traveller to your wine tasting party, as they may have the nasty habit of telling you how much that bottle you just drunk would have sold for in 253 years time. Time Travellers are also banned from participating in any Lotteries, for obvious reasons. But to be extra safe, since the seventh Galactic cycle, Lottery organisers have automatically banned any winning tickets for being excepted. As odds are, these are purchased by Time Travellers. Thus, the winner is chosen at random from a hand of loosing tickets, and avoiding any cheeky, nasty, wine swigging Time Travellers from cheating them out of pocket.

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