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I think it's more an indication of the frankly bizarre attitude a lot of people (American mainly, but some here as well) have to life. They are happy to see (or use) guns and things that end life, but show (or offer them) something that has to do with creating life, and they object..

Think about it. Hollywood turns out endless TV shows and films where they show people being killed in all sorts of ways, and they are happy to show the weapons that kill the people, but on the few occasions someone has dared show a female nipple, the country has gone into uproar. I remember when Janet Jackson showed a (mostly covered) nipple during the Superbowl. The country was in uproar and the republicans (rather ironically bearing in mind they broadly support guns and my above statement) asked questions in Congress about it.

Don't get me wrong. I like action movies and TV shows, and I like to watch s**t get blown up, but I generally don't understand the attitude that it's OK to almost worship acts that end life, but express shock and horror at an act that (let's face it) has a primary purpose of creating life.

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